"The news media’s economic landscape is devastated. Over the last fifteen years, newsrooms across the Western world have lost half their workforce. Profits have evaporated, resources for reporting have dwindled, and investment in technology has been desperately low. wants to make a decisive contribution to the sustainability the information ecosystem in two ways:

On the economic side - Currently, there is no correlation between the cost of producing great content and its economic value. A story that required months of work and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to report and edit carries the same unitary value (a few dollars per thousand page views) as a gossipy article about the Kardashians.
But times are changing. In the digital ad business, indicators are blinking red: CPMs, click-through rates, and viewability are on a steady downward decline. We believe that inevitably, advertisers and marketers will seek refuge in havens of high-quality content—as long as they can rely on a credible indicator of quality. aims to provide this gauge.

On the editorial side - The ability to assess the quality of news will open up a vast array of opportunities for new products and services."



Submitted by: Evangéline de Bourgoing

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