"The News Co/Lab discovers, develops, and distributes innovative tools and techniques aimed at helping people understand how news works in the digital age.

In a world saturated with data, where misinformation commands the stage alongside truthful and useful information, we focus primarily on the “demand side”  —  helping people better find, understand, act upon, and create credible news and information, and to share it with integrity.

The News Co/Lab experiments with new ways of advancing news awareness. We want to collaborate with teachers, journalists, librarians, technologists, civic leaders, among others  —  all who share our goals and want to work on this. We support the good work that others are already doing, and help them do more of it."


Facebook Journalism Project, News Integrity Initiative, Democracy Fund, and Rita Allen Foundation. ("Each funder invests in a portfolio of projects worth looking at.")

Submitted by: Fergus Bell